Join Us…

Download a membership application.
Fill it out and bring it to our next Club Meeting for review and approval.

Common questions:
Q: Do I have to fish all of the tournaments to fish The Classic?
A: No. You can fish 7 regular season tournaments to qualify for The Classic, or you can fish 6 regular season tournaments and buy the 7th to be allowed in to The Classic.

Q: How much does all of this cost?
A: $50 a year to join the Club.
$60 a person for regular tournaments. – – 1 Day
(Includes $10 towards Big Bass)
$80 a person for The Classic. – – 3 Day
(Includes $10 towards Big Bass for each day)

Q: Do I need a boat to join?
A: No. We are currently accepting Non-Boater memberships. If you aren’t already pairing with a friend from the Club, you will be paired with a Boater when you sign up for a tournament. Pricing is the same for Non-Boaters, but it is expected that you also offer your Boater gas money before or after the tournament.